This works by creating a physical barrier between your nose and the pollen that’s flying around on the summer breeze.


  • 1g of beeswax
  • 3mls of nettle infused oil
  • 6mls of ribwort plantain infused oils

Method (Bain Marie method)

  1. Sterilise your jars by immersing in boiling water for 5-minutes.  Allow to air dry.
  2. Combine the Nettle and Ribwort Plantain infused oils in a Pyrex jug with the beeswax.
  3. Heat water in the frying pan and add the Pyrex jug to the pan.  The jug should be sitting in the boiling water.
  4. Continue to heat until the beeswax has melted into the oil.
  5. Remove from the heat.
  6. Pour the oil mixture into your sterilised jars making sure there are no air bubbles in the bottom of the jars (do this by tapping the bottom vigorously on the open palm of your hand), and label.

To use, apply around your nose whenever you have hayfever symptoms or you suspect there’s a lot of pollen about.